Our contribution to the Group strategy

Our contribution to the Group strategy

Deutsche Bahn is pursuing an endeavor of fundamental importance – for the climate, for people, for the economy and for Europe: an endeavor to shift more traffic to rail. And DB's overarching strategy “Germany needs Strong Rail” will lay the foundation we need to be successful in that endeavor.

For this reason, Deutsche Bahn is focusing on three core areas: being more ROBUST, POWERFUL, MODERN.

A Strong Rail service requires a strong DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH. We are playing our part to promote the overarching strategy.

Deutschland braucht eine starke Schiene-Logo Deutschland braucht eine starke Schiene-Logo

“We are promoting the Strong Rail strategy, in the fact that we at DB Bahnbau Gruppe...

...ensure a powerful and robust track by using state-of-the-art rail construction engineering technology – for a rapidly expanding mobility.”

Jörg Fenske, Head of Track Works

Tel: +49 30 63987-488

...further develop the technical equipment of the rail infrastructure with smart innovations, sustainably and ecologically.”

Andreas Saft, Head of Electromechanical Engineering

Tel: +49 30 63987-470

...master special challenges, such as structural engineering and innovative recycling methods, which drive forward the green transformation of DB."

Peter Grimm, Head of Special Disciplines

Tel: +49 351 4617337

...realize highly complex projects. For this, we pool multiplex expertise and resources to meet highest quality demands.”

Dr. Ali Akbar Elahwiesy, Head of Prime Contractor Projects

Tel: +49 30 63987-223

... build (on) knowledge. With training and qualification services for all railway builders: practical – digital – experienceable. As versatile as the people who learn with us.

Dr. Mélanie Schäffner, Head of Qualification Railroad Construction

Tel: +49 30 63987-272