For even more power and speed.

Article: For even more power and speed.

Using the latest technology to move impressive loads: 2,500 short tons of ballast, 850 meters of track. How do we manage this every day? By using our special milling and conveyor machines. These machines perform contract work powerfully and intelligently, carrying out an incredible volume of work. With our teams at the operating controls, this is an unbeatable advantage when it comes to rail construction.

Our pool of machinery in milling and conveyor technology includes:​

  • High-capacity track renewal machines SUZ 314 “Mammut”, SUM 315 “Büffel”​
  • Cleaning machines RM 801-2
  • Material conveyor and silo units MFS 40, MFS 100 S, BSG 60​
  • Loading stations VST 01​, Transfer station
  • Gantry cranes TYPE PK 1-20​
  • Small track component collection vehicle (KSW)​
  • Rail milling trains SF 03 FFS, SF 06 FFS plus, MG 31​
  • Rail cranes​
  • Construction crane KRC 810T (125t)​
  • Krupp crane (32t)​
  • SLE​
  • EMD​
  • Switch transport wagons WTW

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