The solution for the digital rail network.

Article: The solution for the digital rail network.

As building information modelling (BIM) is being adopted, there is ever more need for 3D models. The 360° Multisensor Platform (MSP) provides all the necessary data for this - up-to-date, precise and uniform. As such, using the MSP represents a significant step towards achieving the goal set by DB AG to use the BIM method in rail infrastructure projects from 2025.

The 360° Multisensor Platform combines various sensors and instruments in one rail vehicle. The mobile mapping system, consisting of GNSS and laser scanners, provides a point cloud (3D image of the track area's surface), the panoramic camera captures a 360° image of the surroundings and the optional georadar provides an additional scan beneath the rails.

The MSP operates all of these in just one journey. Travelling at a speed of 80 km/h, it can cover up to 200 kilometers of track in a day and does not disrupt rail operations.

The MSP is a cooperation project jointly established by DB Bahnbau Gruppe and DB Engineering & Consulting.

Video: The 360° Multisensor Platform