Rail operations

For top skills in rail operations.

DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH is a vocational training and testing organization certified by the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA). Thanks to our broad team of trainers, we can offer supplementary training and testing services for various classes. Furthermore, we also hold initial vocational training for train drivers in classes A+B2, and hold the tests for the train driver license and supplementary certificate.

For further information regarding the qualification of employees in rail operations, please contact our team, which is active across Germany.

Address: Am Studio 1A, 12487 Berlin

An overview of our range

Vocational training and professional development

Of train drivers, drivers of work trains, supplementary training for 34 different classes, FIT (Technical Information and Training) courses

Target groups: employees at DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH, along with career movers and external parties

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Certified by the German Federal Railway Authority

as a testing and training organization.

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Across service units

we train employees from the service units "Track Works", "Technical Systems", and "Special Disciplines".

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