For the tracks of today; for the Strong Rail of tomorrow.

Article: For the tracks of today; for the Strong Rail of tomorrow.

With their many years of experience and extensive qualifications, our teams make the tracks of tomorrow. Successful construction work and satisfied customers are at the heart of our actions. ​

How are our robust and reliable tracks made? In all situations, our experienced teams use their specialist knowledge and commitment to deliver their best when it comes to trackwork and the permanent way. To ensure the Strong Rail is a success.  ​

In the Track Service Unit, our reliable, expert and successful teams are synonymous with the strength and power of DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH. We provide services of the utmost quality. From production to maintenance, right up to the refurbishment of railroad installations, we offer the following services:​

  • New construction, renewal, and maintenance of tracks and switches ​
  • Rail replacement​
  • Expansion joints​
  • Bridge ties
  • Concrete slab track

We also offer construction services in trackside civil and underground engineering projects. For example, the production or refurbishment of: ​

  • Railroad crossings ​
  • Platform facilities ​
  • Drainage systems ​
  • Paving
  • Subgrade improvements

Our tracks are crafted by professionals – something we are very proud of. ​

We use some of the most state-of-the-art machine technology in Europe to tackle our tasks.

Video: Track Construction - Our renewal machine "Mammut" in action