For a clear view of the city and landscape.

Article: For a clear view of the city and landscape.

Our MetaWindow is the world's first transparent and highly absorbent noise barrier. Conventional noise barrier walls can be replaced one to one with the MetaWindow panels without compromising on acoustic protection.

Installing them along rail lines brings advantages for both residents and passengers:

  • in urban locations
  • in tourist areas
  • close to residential areas
  • in spectacular natural landscapes.

As Berthold Huber, Member of the Executive Board for Infrastructure, aptly puts it: "With the transparent noise barrier, local authorities no longer have to choose between appearance and functionality."

The MetaWindow:

  • preserves visual openness
  • blends in with its surroundings
  • provides more light and less shading
  • enhances noise protection measures, especially for nearby properties/real estate
  • increases visibility, especially in urban areas and around railway stations
  • minimises areas of fear by avoiding areas with poor visibility
  • and enables shorter project realization periods.

The key is the use of Metadesign. The acoustic efficiency of the system is increased by adjusting the geometry to specific frequency ranges. As a result, the MetaWindow is significantly more effective than previously available transparent noise barriers and therefore meets the legal requirements for widespread use alongside the rails.

The MetaWindow was developed by the DB Bahnbau Gruppe in collaboration with the Italian start-up Phononic Vibes.

Video: MetaWindow