Technical Systems

For the highest skills in technical systems.

In the professional development center in Halle, we have specialized in the qualification of electromechanical-specific basics within rail construction. The training facilities are a practice construction site which can be used for the vocational training and professional further development of talented young people, career movers, and skilled workers. It is possible to put together professional development modules thanks to the modular system, and provide qualification measures tailored to requirements.

In the areas of overhead line equipment, it is possible to get an overview of the most important overhead line components at our training facilities. In the area of control-command and signaling, it is possible to learn about different electronic interlocking types.

For further information about the professional development modules on overhead line equipment (OLA) and control-command and signaling (LST), as well as other qualification possibilities in the field of electromechanical engineering, please contact our team in Halle/Saale or download the product catalogs.

Address: Eisenbahnstr. 3, 06132 Halle/Saale