For state-of-the-art overhead line equipment.

Article: For state-of-the-art overhead line equipment.

A reliable energy supply for the rail network of the future needs a reliable partner that is able to meet increasingly new and complex challenges. We strive to overcome such boundaries. With its expertise and modern machinery, DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH works in the field of overhead line equipment at the highest level across the market. In close collaboration with you, our client, our teams will draw up tailored complete solutions of uncompromising quality. These include:

  • Delivery and assembly of overhead line equipment ​
  • Maintenance of overhead line equipment ​
  • Replacement of contact wire and insulators ​
  • Mast refurbishment ​ ​
  • Traction current return circuits and grounding systems ​
  • Provision and deployment of overhead line installation vehicles ​
  • Foundation work

This is how we guarantee power supply paths for a Strong Rail – as mobility is what drives us.