For the common thread in technical equipment projects.

Article: For the common thread in technical equipment projects.

This is where our comprehensive service range for technical equipment comes together. The design services offered for railroad systems range from final design for transport facilities and engineering structures, right up to construction drawings for the electromechanical engineering assets. Designed and constructed from a single source, we provide design and consulting services in this area for all construction and electromechanical engineering activities, thereby rounding off the complete service portfolio.​
These include:

  • Control-command and signaling
  • Electrical installations
  • Overhead line equipment
  • Traffic route and construction engineering
  • Telecommunications/radio (emergency services radio)

Our service portfolio

  • Basic evaluation and preliminary design
  • Final design and planning for building permit application
  • Construction drawings
  • Project management
  • Design of control-command and signaling​
  • Engineering for electric switch heaters​
  • Engineering for electrical power systems – product category: electrical systems (50 Hz)​
  • Engineering of DB AG 15 KV overhead-line equipment​
  • Engineering – product category: transport facilities/modules: railroad crossings, other traffic areas​
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  • Telecommunications engineering, including in the emergency services environment (engineering of wireless network, terrestrial network and operations centers – TETRA)​
  • Assessors and design reviewers (“substance quality checkers”) for CCS, electrical power systems, and overhead line equipment
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