Environment | Resource Protection

For resource-saving rail construction

At DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH, we believe our responsibility is not only to build Strong Rail; it goes beyond new construction. Our responsibility is to use resources sustainably and protect the environment. We are already making an important contribution to protecting our environment with our innovative sleeper reconditioning services. We give concrete sleepers a second life and additional valuable years by reconditioning and reusing them. We also develop waste and environmental solutions for environmentally friendly construction.

Materials that can no longer be used can be disposed of properly and professionally in one of the landfill sites we manage.

In this way, we see our building materials through their entire life cycle.

What's more, we think about the future. We work with various institutes and universities to participate in and actively shape innovations. Some of these projects include new ways to recondition ballast, sustainable building materials for sleeper production, and sustainable alternatives to impervious surfaces.