For successful large-scale projects abroad.

Article: For successful large-scale projects abroad.

DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH already impresses in its role as a general contractor. We can take it to the next level though with the implementation of such large-scale projects abroad. A separate team takes care of the administration of these projects. But what is the difference between this team and the team for projects in Germany?​

Projects abroad require additional commitment and attention when it comes to preparation and execution. Our "General Contractor Projects Abroad" unit focuses intensively on the local conditions, such as the existing infrastructure or special regulations in the target country. We work with an international network of potential partners, and manage top-performing, multinational teams. In the process, we adapt our high railroad construction standards, thereby transferring knowledge to every project in every place on the earth. Depending on the requirements and size of the projects, we set up and manage branch offices in the target country with these teams.