For lasting connections.

Article: For lasting connections.

Steel Bridges:

Standing strong and proud – the steel bridge is our symbol for connecting people. For more than 90 years our bridge workshops have been honing their skills and the high level of quality which they stand for today. By inheriting this long-standing expertise, today our bridge builders carry out the design, production, delivery, installation, and renovation of: 

  • Railroad, road, cable, and pedestrian bridges 
  • Signal brackets and signal bridges 
  • Custom steel designs


  • Modernization of riveted steel structures, including listed structures 
  • Regulation, repair, and replacement of bridge bearing structures
  • We have five certified specialist staff for bearing installation in bridge and building constructions
  • Delivery and mounting of bridge girders using a variety of fastening systems
  • Emergency operations when it comes to stabilizing various structures, such as collision damage.
  • We follow the specifications of the additional technical contractual terms and regulations for corrosion control (“ZTV-KOR”)
  • We have a state-of-the-art corrosion-control system for structural components of up to 14 meters in system length
  • We offer mobile, on-site reconditioning of corrosion-control systems for existing structures
  • We have three coating inspectors for corrosion control who are certified in line with DIN CERTCO.
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  • Provisional bridges with spans of up to 27 m including mounting structures
  • Supporting structures (PIZMO pier system)
  • Provisional cable bridges
  • Small provisional bridges (e.g. Dresden/Cologne type

We also provide:

  • Professional technology design incl. structural analyses
  • Monitoring and consulting
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  • Welding certification 1182-CPD-1090-2.00105.GSIHal.2012 in execution class EXC 4, which also meets the requirements of manufacturer qualification class E in accordance with DIN 18800-7, with extension for guideline RIL 804
  • Internal production control EC certificate 1182-CPD-1090-1.00110.GSIHal.2012
  • Manufacturer-related product qualification (MPQ) in accordance with DBS918005 [EXC3 DB] DB-HPQ918005_BB-Drd-G06
  • Prequalification proof for the area of structural engineering in the product category:
    • Rail/road overpasses – steel
    • Structural engineering – building during rail operations
  • Certification of suitability for welding work on rail materials/permanent-way components as a welding workshop in accordance with DB AG guideline (826.1021)
  • Manufacturer-related product qualification (MPQ) for the manufacture of products for the permanent way
  • Certificate in accordance with ISO 9001 
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Reinforced Concrete Bridges:

A bridge signifies trust, providing the assurance of safety and quality. Our experienced and certified bridge builders fulfil this promise regarding quality. Across Germany, we provide bridges and viaducts as newly built constructions or new-build replacement constructions from a single source. We also offer the following services:

1. New-build replacement construction and newly built construction of bridges and viaducts as part of the German Rail Crossings Act (EKrG)
2. Construction of reinforced concrete bridges

  • Frame or half-frame construction 
  • Joist-in-concrete bridges
  • Refurbishment and reinforcement of arch bridges

3. Use of shifting technology and heavy-duty crane services
4. Renovation and new construction of abutments 
5. Specialist foundation engineering services

Video: Some impressions of our bridge workshops