For a sustainable use of minerals.

Article: For a sustainable use of minerals.

Making Deutsche Bahn more sustainable also entails making our construction projects more sustainable. Looking ahead, we can see that the decarbonisation of transport will place completely different demands on our rail infrastructure, and large-scale projects will be a key activity to meet these challenges. 

Tunnels and cuttings are part of these undertakings, and the excavation work these involve displaces several million tonnes of rock and soil every year in Germany alone. Disposing of this material however accounts for up to 15 % of construction costs, and represents considerable wasted potential, as the minerals we dig up are simply thrown away. 
Our response: Erdpool. This DB Group team combines the experience and expertise necessary for a smart and effective management of raw materials that are by-products of our infrastructure projects. Processing excavated material not only saves us the cost of disposal its reusable elements before disposal, but allows us to sell it on the raw materials market as part of an economically sustainable cycle. This does not just benefit the balance sheets, but contricutes to sustainability as we transport the excavated material straight from our construction sites to industrial plants for reusage.

Our services include: 

  • Digital sales platform  
  • Design of contracts and sales terms
  • Rail, boat and road logistics of material
  • Support and handling of risk management, contract management and profitability analyses 
  • Procurement of additional, external disposal and processing services 
  • Provision of samples, analyses and assessments

Video: Introducing Erdpool