For conscious protection of the environment and resources

Article: For conscious protection of the environment and resources

DB Bahnbau Gruppe accepts material removed from the permanent way for reconditioning and recycling throughout Germany.

This includes around 1 million sleepers per year, which are inspected and recycled. We also offer track panel installation and removal, distribution of small track components and a warehouse for cut-to-size rail lengths, which allows us to provide a wide range of services for track.

DB Bahnbau Gruppe is the undisputed leader in the sale of used concrete sleepers. We are in a unique position, with facilities across Germany securing our market presence. Our Germany-wide services cover timber and concrete sleepers; complete track panels; and small track components. The reconditioned materials are reused in rail infrastructure construction, which helps to save our customers' building resources.

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We extract valuable resources from construction waste for railway and road construction. Our customers can attest to our top quality. We hold approvals as a Q1 supplier for DB AG as well as all prequalifications and certifications. We are also an approved waste management company and a member of Entsorgergemeinschaft Transport und Umwelt e.V., the German Transport & Environmental Waste Management Accreditation Association.

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Our reconditioned concrete sleepers are high quality, environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Our range of used concrete sleepers includes:

  • Materials are reinstalled in the rail infrastructure, both in DB AG tracks and tracks of other rail infrastructure companies
  • Natural resources are conserved
  • Waste volume is reduced
  • Shorter transport distances thanks to DB Bahnbau Gruppe's Germany-wide infrastructure (six locations and shuttle service)
  • Reduces the burden on the environment, contributing to Strong Rail
  • Each reconditioned sleeper saves around 40 kg CO2
  • Reconditioned sleepers are less expensive
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  • Qualified employees
  • Our own certified QM system
  • Approvals as a Q1 supplier approvals for DB AG and all prequalifications and certifications
  • Member of Entsorgergemeinschaft Transport und Umwelt e.V.
  • Regular customer satisfaction surveys
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  • Small track component warehouse for new and used materials
  • Track panel installation and removal
  • Cut-to-size rails up to 60 m long
  • Disposal of timber and concrete sleepers
  • Handling of new sleepers for large-scale projects
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