Connecting. What belongs together.

Article: Connecting. What belongs together.

For fast networking

The DB Bahnbau Group has been mandated by the DB Netz AG to support the expansion of the fibre optic infrastructure along its route network. By 2025 The DB Bahnbau Gruppe will have installed around 6,000 km of fibre optic cable (FOC) throughout Germany. A significant part of the FOC laying will yet be completed by the end of 2022. The expansion with broadband cables (FOC) is an fundamental basis for the digitalization of the Deutsche Bahn's route network. Due to the modern infrastructure it is now possible, among other certain functions, to connect digital signal boxes (DSTW). Furthermore, previously remoted communities are now able to gain access to the broadband network through the DB project. Our highly qualified team is providing a wide range of services for this major project. These include:

  • Preliminary planning and implementation planning including procurement of the necessary bases, e.g. as-built documents
  • Investigation of explosive ordnance
  • Examination of environmental protection issues
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  • Site clearance, e.g. also vegetation pruning
  • Cable conduit system (preparation or new construction of cable conduits)
  • Laying of fibre optic cables (FOC):
    • in the cable duct
    • in the ground (milling in)
    • as well as on the ground (heavy outdoor cables)
  • Termination of the fibre optic cables with sleeves in distribution cabinets (KVZ)
  • Splicing, testing, documentation
  • Handover of the completed system to the client including inspection documents
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  • Construction operations planning incl. preparation of operating and construction instructions
  • Safety services
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