For even more flexibility in railroad construction.

Article: For even more flexibility in railroad construction.

How do our passengers get to their train when construction work is going on at the station?
Our temporary platforms and mobile stops, which are set up quickly and easily, ensure the safe, smooth operation of regional and local rail passenger transport. We will plan the reliable solutions in a customized and modular manner – to quickly bridge the temporary measures, or for longer term use.

  • Steel construction with anti-slip profile sheeting (R11) installed on prefabricated part foundation 
  • Integration of all equipment (weather shelter, lighting masts, trash cans, ticket machines, dynamic displays, grit bins, display cases, signage, and telecommunications cables/systems) 
  • Adaptations for routes such as ramps, steps, or overpasses can be easily implemented. 
  • Optional marking of danger zones in white 
  • Vertical bar railings on rear and end face
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  • Creation of the construction drawings to present to the expert authorized to submit construction documents, including equipment design, wayfinding design, including electrical design.
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  • Short-notice delivery dates are possible as all of the relevant components – such as prefabricated part foundations, platform elements, railings incl. ramps and steps, handrails, equipment elements, right up to the waiting shelter and lamp posts – are standard elements and can therefore be procured at short notice
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  • Possible conventionally or with road/rail technology

  • Adaptation work to existing facilities possible at all times
  • Thanks to the standard 6-meter elements, fast construction progress is guaranteed.
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