For a hidden but outstanding cable routing.

Article: For a hidden but outstanding cable routing.

Underground cables and third rails, which are often not visible at first glance, supply the power to the track.​

Our underground cable installation services are a part of the important preparatory work for completing the overall project of constructing a rail line. ​

Berlin and Hamburg could not be more different, but they have one thing in common: both are equipped with our third rails. They guarantee the power supply under particular conditions in the local public transport network of the S-Bahn.​

Here, our independent teams provide the following services in the new construction, expansion, and conversion of:

  • Underground cable installations (including IKI rings)
  • Construction of cable routes
  • Routing of cables and optical fibers
  • Third rail for S-Bahn trains
  • Concrete and brickwork
  • Caterpillar pile driver G42 and G42B​
  • Caterpillar pile driver G42B​
  • GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer type 65P / 130P​
  • Road-rail excavator Atlas 1604​
  • Cable winch (capstan)​
  • Wheel loader
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