For strong independence and green responsibility.

Article: For strong independence and green responsibility.

With our fuel cells EnerRail, we are today already solving tomorrow’s issues regarding energy supplies. In the process, we are focusing completely on sustainability and innovation. The fuel cell operates as a powerful backup power system – emissions free and practically self-sufficient. It can supply power for almost all energy requirements, reliably and in an environmentally friendly way. It thereby safeguards the power supply (in the rail environment and beyond) of rail electronic interlocking systems, stations, and also construction sites – at any time and any place.​

Our service portfolio in the field of “Alternative Energy Systems” comprises the following:

  • Fuel cells as backup power systems and for supplying power to monitoring and radio systems
  • Fuel logistics, monitoring, maintenance, and logistics for fuel cell systems
  • Photovoltaic plants
  • Power-to-go applications (e.g. off-grid box)
  • We are a member of CPN (Clean Power Net). You can find the planning guidelines for uninterruptible power supplies and backup power systems here: link

Video: Fuel cell EnerRail