For smooth rail transport services.

Article: For smooth rail transport services.

Rail transport is like a huge orchestra with the control-command and signaling system as the conductor. This system coordinates the rail services and provides the signal for the exact deployment of every train. Aware of this importance, our assembly teams – which plan the engineering and perform the work – achieve excellence which ensures the safety and functionality of our rail infrastructure so that everything runs like clockwork.​

Our service portfolio in control-command and signaling includes the new construction, expansion, conversion, and maintenance of:​

  • Mechanical/electromechanical interlockings​
  • Relay interlockings​
  • Intermittent automatic train-running control installations​
  • Railroad-crossing installations and block units​
  • Electronic interlockings and decentralized electric points
  • Systems for train control operations​
  • Adaptation of any signalbox type to electronic interlocking​
  • Cable systems and power supply systems​