The Gleislabor Lab

The Gleislabor Lab - for realizing great visions.

As a modern company, how do we manage to be and stay innovative? What opportunities do we provide our employees with to promote ideas and actively help shape our future together?

An idea comes about quickly. But there is often a long path until it becomes a successful project. DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH created the “Gleislabor” innovation platform to professionally support these ideas right up to the project stage. With its modern methods and intelligent technology, this platform creates fertile ground and supports ideas in an innovative process until they reach maturity.

Numerous ideas have thus been promoted or implemented and nurtured to development – and many more are to follow. Find out about the projects below on the Gleislabor website.


Lucy Wolf

Head of Gleislabor lab
DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH

Am Studio 1 A
12489 Berlin

E-Mail: Lucy Wolf
Telefon: +49 152 33132505