Digital Learning

For more effective learning.

The training and qualification of employees is a core element of a modern, effective company. In order to appeal to all target groups and benefit from digital developments, DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH created the Digital Qualification unit. It supports our vocational training and professional development centers, training facilities and the departments with digital tools, teaching media and consulting services developed in-house.

The innovative approach of using digital solutions such as virtual reality and apps in construction operations opens up huge development potential and boosts us as a company.

Alongside use for our own employees, we also develop and offer customizable products such as e-learning courses, educational games, digital tools and apps to external customers in Germany and abroad. Why not benefit yourself from the great opportunities posed by digital employee development within your company?


Eva Maurer

Digital technologies and innovative business development
DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH

August-Wessels-Straße 17
86156 Augsburg

E-Mail: Eva Maurer
Telefon: +49 152 374 65 446